Why Are You Coding Like This? - PHP Fundamentals

Author Michael Cannon
Track TYPO3 Enterprise CMS
Session type Talk (45 minutes)
Long Abstract * TYPO3 coding guidelines
* When to count, for and use foreach
* " vs '
* What's a heredoc?
* echo vs print
* What's sprintf & printf?
* empty vs count
* thinking about why we code the way we do
* = == ===
* public private protected
* try catch
* variable types - strings, ints, array, objects, etc.
SlideShare URL http://slides.typo3vagabond.com/why-coding-php-fundamentals-short/


Michael Cannon

Michael Cannon

Ever wondered what it would be like to travel the world, work most anywhere and develop amazing websites with awesome people? That’s my life as the TYPO3 Vagabond. Currently, I’m in Rosenheim Germany. Before that it was Kaohsiung Taiwan, New Delhi India, Boston, Seattle, South Korea…

I, Michael Cannon, am Peichi’s smiling man, an adventurous water-rat, poet, road biker, world traveler, WWOOF’er and the TYPO3 Vagabond with in2code.

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