How to build up an agile community, Vietnam as an example

Author Vũ Trí Nhân
Track Community
Session type Talk (45 minutes)
Long Abstract Big software outsourcing countries like India and China have agile and scrum communities who learn and share knowledge in order to improve their software engineering practices and deliver high value products to their customers.

How can Cambodia and Vietnam remain competitive in a shifting industry from command & control to an Agile working environment?

In February 2011, a team of agile fans started an Agile community in Vietnam with the vision to spread agile principles by connecting and training the Vietnamese tech. community. Within 1 ½ years, Agile Vietnam, a non-profit organization, attracted about 500 unique members (Ho Chi Minh City) who regularly share their knowledge during their monthly events.

How can the tech. community in Cambodia develops a sustainable agile community?
How can a non-profit organization help individuals and companies?
Which challenges did (does) Agile Vietnam face?
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Vũ Trí Nhân

Vũ Trí Nhân

Born in Vietnam in 1981 his family left the country in 1983. After 26 years in Germany he returned back to Vietnam with the goal to learn more about his roots. With a background of Media Design and Web Development he started as an intern at a Swiss software development outsourcing company. Nhân’s first contact with agile in particular Scrum was during his studies back in Germany. First real world Scrum practices he self-learned on the job as a “Project Manager” in outsourcing projects. He is a Certified Scrum Master by Scrum Alliance (Jeff Sutherland and Bas Vodde). At the moment he is volunteer and board member of Agile Vietnam, volunteer of Strategic Vietnamese Alliance Ventures (SAVVi) and Branch Managing Director of JOOM Solutions Co, Ltd. (known as JoomlArt). He loves food, traveling, playing the guitar and table tennis. Grab a drink and just chit chat with him.

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