FLOW3 as RESTful data proxy for Sencha Touch 2 App

Author Pankaj Lele
Track FLOW3 PHP Framework
Session type Talk (45 minutes)
Long Abstract While developing a mobile app using Sencha Touch 2 (ST2) there is always a need of storing and retrieving data to and from a server. With ST2 this data is pulled from server in a "Ext.data.Store" object via one of the available "Ext.data.proxy.*" types. So using "Ext.data.proxy.Rest" would be a perfect choice to keep things much cleaner. Once a REST API is developed then it can be integrated with any kind of cross-platform apps in future. If you think of a nice REST API then it should have proper URL routing, support for common request types GET/POST/PUT/DELETE, user authentication, authorization of request types for certain users, content protection for multiple user scenario, JSON response, internal exception handing and reporting to the client, logging.

FLOW3 1.1.0+ already has nice support for all these requirements and you can get your REST API working in very short time as only time you have to spend is proper domain modeling and class design and FLOW3 will take care of rest of the things. Both ST2 and FLOW3 are MVC frameworks so it becomes an excellent combination!

This talk will give you an idea on how to get to the point where FLOW3 starts serving REST API calls, how to get to the point where ST2 starts communicating with the REST API with help of few code snippets. The talk will end with a quick demo of an ST2 app and FLOW3 working together. The source code used for the demo will be available on GitHub for free to download and the URL for the same will be published after the talk.
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Pankaj Lele

Pankaj Lele

Founder and CTO of Lelesys based in Goa India since 2003. Programming websites since last 9 years and using TYPO3 since 2006. One of the first TYPO3 certified integrators from India.

Currently passionate about FLOW3 / TYPO3 Phoenix and enjoys contributing to FLOW3 development - inspiring people to share!

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