Connecting Cambodia's TYPO3 Developer Community with Global Value Chains of the e-Economy

Author Eric Mousset
Track Business and Best Practices
Session type Talk (45 minutes)
Long Abstract The digital economy, or "e-economy" is witnessing an emergence of novel value chains and entrepreneurial paradigms. Examples include e-marketplaces for the outsourcing of software design, software testing, and other kinds of business process outsourcing, as well as intermediaries for so-called "microwork". A recent report by the infoDev initiative of the World Bank Group is reviewed, that studies the developmental potential of microwork. Case studies of existing global value chains are presented, that integrate sustainable development and ethical principles within their entrepreneurial model. A possible extrapolation to the specific Cambodia's TYPO3 developer community is proposed, and a roadmap for sustainable development is considered.
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Eric Mousset

Eric Mousset

Eric’s background encompasses over 20 years experience and a variety of roles: fundamental research in computer science; decision-support technology consulting; opensource software technology consulting; e-Business technology consulting; project management;
startup management; entrepreneurship; ICT for Development (ICT4D) project management; sustainability performance consulting; academic curriculum development; Industry-Academia relationship development; and private sector development. Eric's career path unfolds over six countries and three continents. Eric is currently based in Cambodia, holding a range of professional responsibilities in Academia, in business associations, and as an independent consultant. Eric has Academic publications in both technology and social sciences.

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