Better Plan TYPO3 Projects with Agile Estimating

Author Mam Violeng
Track Business and Best Practices
Session type Talk (45 minutes)
Long Abstract Absolute estimating of programming tasks turns out to be wrong in (too) many cases. When development takes longer than foreseen, then due dates cannot be met and production team schedules need to be adjusted to brutal reality, impacting finances, resource planning and client satisfaction. Studies suggest that 2 out of 3 software development projects are unsuccessful because they are over budget, late, missing function or a combination – in short: estimating fails frequently enough.

Agile Estimating is a methodology for project managers to better plan their projects in advance and to keep their planning up-to-date and accurate throughout the development process. Estimates of tasks are done on a relative basis using an independent unit instead of hours or days. As the team progresses on its tasks, indicators such as the actual business situation, the constitution of the team, the learning progress of the team members and the feedback of the client are tracked. These indicators are fed back into an updated planning allowing for more accurate forecasts and giving a better basis for decision making.

As the TYPO3 community is transitioning into greater possibilities and chances to establish itself increasingly in the enterprise CMS sector, new technical complexities need to be faced and overcome. Business requirements and interoperability with other systems is going to put high demands on project teams. Better project management capabilities need to be acquired alongside the technological advancements within the community and with the different services providers to sustain the reputation of TYPO3 services as enterprise solutions.
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Mam Violeng

Mam Violeng

Violeng Mam earned a bachelor degree in computer science from Norton University in Cambodia and has various working experiences in the IT sector. He got involved with TYPO3 4 years ago when he started to write extensions for TYPO3, later he became a project coordinator for project teams working with TYPO3. In May 2010 he started to work for Web Essentials in Cambodia and was then promoted to be a project manager in December 2010. He is also part of Senior Management team and heads the project coordinators team.

Violeng is a problem solver and has a passion for writing codes, especially games. He is involved in a number of projects where agile development techniques have been used to better estimate team progress and to directly involve clients previously unfamiliar with TYPO3 in the development process. This has helped to gain the trust of clients and team members in the development process and to promote TYPO3 in the Asian. He became a Certified TYPO3 Integrator since July 2011.

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