360 Degrees Content Playout with TYPO3

Author Raoul Cannemeijer
Track Business and Best Practices
Session type Talk (45 minutes)
Long Abstract 360 Degrees Content Playout with TYPO3

The content management system TYPO3 provides, together with additional open source technologies, crucial advantages for digital communication in new media publishing. Centrally captured content can be automatically optimized for different output devices and prepared for different output formats.

Multi-Channel and Device-Independent Publishing with TYPO3

On the basis of the content management system (CMS) TYPO3, corporations, small businesses and organizations can centrally steer their content towards their major channels of digital communication. Whether for Smartphone, iPad, laptop, or even HD TV - the CMS functions as a central source, thanks to additional open source technologies, and providing optimized content for device independent delivery.

The output format can be arbitrarily adjusted to almost any media. Existing content can be, apart from your regular website experience, delivered for various document types such as PDF, OpenOffice or MS Office. The same data again can be sent as an email newsletter, be optimized for printing or specified for HD-TV display. In addition micro-sites for social media channels like Facebook or Google + can be used as channels to push your content into your customer's favorite social media hang-outs.

The CMS TYPO3: a modern hub for decentralized publication of centrally managed content.

Open source technologies enable new ways
Without the use of open source technologies such an efficient and economical operation of all these media outlets would not be possible. The multi-channel concept is realized through a number of different technologies, platforms and interfaces.

Benefits for companies and organizations: Flexibility for the Future

No matter with which device the consumer accesses the content, it gets the data in a professional design tailored for its output medium. Companies want to remain flexible for the future, even if they publish their content on new media channels and future devices with different screen resolutions. For online editors, this means a minimum of effort with the best result for an advanced and sophisticated audience. And of course, with no license fees.
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Raoul Cannemeijer

Raoul Cannemeijer

Raoul Cannemeijer, 42 years, father, rocker and one of switzerland's internet pioneers. Starting out in the early 90-ties as application programmer, he automatically rolled into production management, followed by active involvements in various start-ups. After the dust settled of the dotcom bust following the turn of the century Raoul landed a management position as head of webfactory at bluewin/swisscom. Bluewin at the time being Switzerland's largest ISP and Bluewin.ch being one of the most visited portals. All in all this Flying Dutchman lives and works since 18 years in Switzerland, of which the last two years he heads the development department at snowflake Productions gmbh.

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