10 Golden Features of a Business Website

Author Dominik Stankowski
Track TYPO3 Enterprise CMS
Session type Exam (45 minutes)
Long Abstract The talk outlines 10 requirements for a professional website that satisfies even the most demanding customer. Besides multiple languages and user rights the fast site search Apache Solr technology is also presented. The talk shows why TYPO3 makes a suitable open source software for any business website.
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Dominik Stankowski

Dominik Stankowski

Dominik Stankowski studied software engineering in Switzerland and worked in the Web development field for several years before transitioning to Cambodia where he was involved in TYPO3 development with a Social Enterprise for 2 years.

In April 2010, he founded is own company in Cambodia called Web Essentials. Today he is leading a team of over 50 people with which he has taken social outsourcing to the next level of proficiency and impact through capacity building and community development.

He has been involved in founding and developing the TYPO3 community in Cambodia which has translated TYPO3 into the Cambodian language.

While working with over 20 TYPO3 companies overseas, Web Essentials has developed a thorough understanding of best practices for TYPO3 development and adopted project management methodology which allows them to flexibly adjust their project teams to the needs of their clients and to constantly improve the quality of their outsourcing services.

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