Survival Guide

Medical Issues

Make sure you have travel insurance that includes repatriation in emergency cases. Hospitals and clinics that offer international standard services are SOS International and Royal Rattanak Hospital. Pharmacies that offer imported quality medications are also available. Recommended Vaccinations: Polio Hepatitis A+B, MMR, Typhoid, Tetanus-diphtheria (Please check with your doctor). Malaria prophylaxis is not needed in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.


There is no public transport system in Phnom Penh but tuk tuks and motodops (moto taxis) are widely available. There are many bus companies that can take you to Siem Reap or Sihanoukville.


In order to respect the culture, proper clothing during the conference (and also when visiting pagodas) is recommended:

  • Men: long trousers, shirt and shoes
  • Women: clothes covering their shoulders and knees

Don't forget, it' s rainy season so you might want to bring a light rain jacket or an umbrella. Otherwise just stay inside until the rain is over :-)

Money Matters

VISA and other credit cards are widely accepted in restaurants, hotels, supermarkets. ATMs (cash machines) are available (for Swiss people: Postcards work well). Traveller cheques are not so common anymore and difficult to exchange.
The official currency is the riel, but this cannot be obtained outside of Cambodia. This is not a problem, since the unofficial currency (the US dollar) is used for almost all transactions - including obtaining your visa on entry. $1 are approx. 4000 Riel. Tuk tuk driver don't carry usually a lot of change, so please be sure to bring some small dollar bills with you.