Web Essentials

Web Essentials

Web Essentials is a start-up business specializing in providing high-quality web development services in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. From design to integration, our experienced team of web-developers and designers have the capability to create fully-functional professional websites and web-applications. Alongside, we also provide ethical outsourcing services to web companies worldwide working with the Content Management System TYPO3. By focusing on these selective set of services of design and web development, we can excel in our field and exceed clients expectations.

As a social business, we are committed to investing in our staff. Through regular training sessions in web development their skills improve and proficiency level heightened. Also our high-performance environment allows our employees to have the space and access to resources they need to learn, work, communicate and relax.

What makes Web Essentials unique is our approach. We build trust with clients through transparent communication; produce clean software architecture through agile programming; create tailor-made solutions through concept development and have a total commitment to satisfying our clients. We believe that we raise standards only by keeping to high values. Our accounting practices are according to the law and transparent. We have a business license for our operations and we pay all our taxes. We promote Open Source software and contribute back to Open Source communities.

With a capable team, high-performance working environment and by upholding to our values, Web Essentials promises to deliver excellent web development services to our clients in the local market and abroad.


Web Essentials
#86, Street 99
Phnom Penh

Website: http://www.web-essentials.asia/
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